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  • 2021 Bachelor of Fine Arts, University of Tasmania

Group Exhibitions

  • 2023 'The Unconformity 2023' Queenstown, Tasmania

  • 2022 ‘Northern Exposure 2022’ Poimena Art Gallery

  • 2022 ‘The Butterfly Effect Art Auction’ Poimena Art Gallery

  • 2021 ‘Graduate Show 2021’ Academy Gallery University of Tasmania

  • 2021 ‘The Committee Show’ Precinct Art Society

  • 2021 ‘2D’ Precinct Art Society

Public Art Commissions

  • 2023 Kings Meadows Mural - public art commission for the City of Launceston as part of the Launceston Public Art Strategy

  • 2022 ‘Soliloquy’ Chalmers Church in collaboration with RANT Arts and Junction Arts Festival

  • 2020 ‘Electric Botany’ QVMAG Smart City Initiative under the Greater Launceston Transformation Project and the Launceston City Deal

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